6 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

The first City school organized for the Middle-Class Education Committee,

was opened on Monday, in Bath Street, City Road, with 300 pupils. The school will contain 500 boys, and the expense as yet has been under 4,0001. The school being intended for the sons of clerks and small tradesmen, the charge is only 41. a year, but the school is to be self-supporting, and the education will be "modern," i.e., French and German will take the place of Latin and Greek. The Rev. W. Jowitt has been appointed head master, and promises to make the school as good as any public school in the country. Mr. Rogers, the real author of this move- ment, deserves the highest credit, not only for his energy in raising funds, but for his rapidity in applying them. The interval be- tween raising the money and using it generally kills off one genera- tion of expectante, but Mr. Rogers has not allowed himself even an executor's term of delay.