6 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

The Revenue Returns for the half-year are somewhat less than

half of the Chancellor of the Exchequer's year's estimate, as will be seen from the following comparison:- Half-Year. Half-tear.

(Estimated.) (Actual.)

£ £ Customs 10,461,500 10,812,000 Excise 9,876,000 9,664,000 Stamps 4,725,000 4,558,000 Assessed Taxes ...... 1,657,500 1,721,000 Income Tax


2,230,000 Crown Lands 162,500 142,000 Post Office 2,225,000 2,230,000 Miscellaneous 1,550,000 1,302,762 X33,507,500 £32,659,762 showing a deficiency of above 800,000/. ; but the Income-tax, always in arrear till the last quarter, accounts for 600,0001. of this deficiency, and it is probable, therefore, the revenue will be at least as good as Mr. Gladstone expected. The Customs, as usual, are in excess of his estimate. The late Mr. James Wilson used to say that whatever duties you took off, the Customs would always yield as much as before, and they uniformly verify his prediction.