6 OCTOBER 1866, Page 23

The Fortnightly Review, October (Chapman and Hall), has much able

writing in it ; amongst other articles of some note, one by Mr- Lewes, the editor, on Mill and Comte, which is thoughtful and dis criminating, and should be valued by the increasing number of disciples of that curious and colourless superstition, the positive philosophy. Mr- Seebohm continues his interesting papers on the Oxford Reformers of 1498 ; Mr. George Meredith the cleverly wearisome and wearisomely- clever tale which will - endanger the success of The Fortnightly if it lasts much longer, and the ins and outs of which we will venture to say no man shall ever understand. There is a good paper on the army by "A (late) Common Soldier," and much other instinctive and carefully pre- pared matter which gives something even of permanent value to this. review.