6 OCTOBER 1866, Page 3

The Sultan is not prospering in Canffia. He has, it

is affirmed, -.sold the island to the Pacha of Egypt for a large sum, but the Pacha cannot get possession of his latiohase. According to a telegram of 2nd of October from Corfu, the Egyptians, 20,000 in number, attacked the Greeks on 22nd September, were repulsed, were attacked iu their turn, lost 3,000 men, and were finally driven to their ships. Greece is only restrained from declaring war on behalf of Candle by threats, and but for the Great Exhibi- tion the Candiotes might yet be free. As it is, what is the misery of a whole population compared with the success of a Parisian show ? Cannot the Caudiotes be massacred quietly till the proper time has arrived ?