6 OCTOBER 1917, Page 2

Baron von Kithlreann in a speech to the Reichstag Committee

on Friday week declared that the German Government and the, representatives of the German people were entirely agreed in regard to foreign poliey. He spoke as if the summoning of seven members of the Reichstag to consult with the Government on the reply to the Pope's Note had been a democratic innovation never yet attempted in the West, although it would be a commonplace incident here or in France. He may be right in claiming German popular approval for the immoral and dishonest pellay of isis Government. If that bo so, the war will last all the longer, for with such a Govern- ment we cannot make a durable pease. Baron von. Kithimartu expressed his desire to help the Pope to create an atmosphere favourable to peace negotiations, but his vague rhetoric—his desire, for example, that "Europe should not perish "—inspires greater mistrust among the Allies than the chicanery of the ex-Chancellor em the maladroit threats of Herr Michaelis,