6 OCTOBER 1917, Page 2

The Navy and the Army have received, by a derision

of the War Cabinet, a long-delayed increase of their pay. Sailors and **Idiom are to l'OCOlve more pay in proportion to the length of their service, and are to be wholly or partly relieved of the obligation to con- tribute to the support of their familiee. The A.B. will receive an extra threepence after three instead of after six years, his messing allowance is raised by three-halfpence to eevenpence a day, and he will allot not more than Is. 6d. s week to his dependants, instead of paying, in many cases, as much as five shillings. The soldier will receive proficiency pay of threepence or sixpence a day after six months' service, instead of having to wait for two years, and his pay will be raised by a penny a day for each full year's service during the war. The ordinary private or non-commissioned officer will be relieved of the compulsory allotment of sixpence or tenpence day to his dependants. The obnoxious hospital stoppages are abolished, except where a man falls sick through his own fault, and time-expired men are to draw a pension as well as their pay. These seemingly modest coneeseimus will in the first year cost more than 650,000,000, but the cotudry will not grudge it.