6 OCTOBER 2007, Page 20

Arnie on the big screen

Sir: There's no truth in Fraser Nelson's sug- gestion that Governor Schwarzenegger changed his schedule in response to polls or any other political considerations (This will be Cameron's finest hour', 29 September). The Governor was delighted by the opportu- nity to speak to the Conservative conference, and only regrets that other responsibili- ties prevented him from making an appear- ance. We're grateful that technology allowed the Governor to appear via a video link. Governor Schwarzenegger appreciated Mr Cameron's invitation and was pleased to high- light how California's move away from hard- line partisanship has helped the Governor's administration achieve groundbreaking new policies. Mr Cameron is realising a similar opportunity with the Conservative party, and the Governor was proud to share the stage with him Adam Mendelsohn Deputy chief of staff for communications, Sacramento, California