6 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 1

The Portuguese Cortes have been principally occupied with preliminary regulations,

appointing committees, &c. The Oppo- sition in the Chamber of Deputies is discovered to be stronger than was anticipated, and may be said to number about 40 members out of the 121,—no very formidable minority. But in the Chamber of Peers, which assembly consists of only fifteen members, Don PEDRO and his Ministry are in a disagreeable position, as nine out of the fifteen vote against them. Thus, when the address in reply to the Regent's speech was brought forward, the Conde DE TAI PA, whose longwinded letters to Don PEDRO about the Oporto Wine Company attracted some attention last year, moved an amendment, to the effect that the Finance Minister had infringed the Constitu- tion by contracting loans, and that such loans ought not to be re-: cognized by the Cortes: the amendment also impugned the mea- sure for restoring a metallic currency. It was carried by a majority of seven to six; PALMELLA, TERCEIRA, and all the more. intelligent members, voting against it. There is no question, however. as to the continuance of Don PEDRO in the Regency ; the Lower House having sanctioned it by a majority of 90 to 5. He- will lose no time in creating a sufficient number of new Peers to secure a preponderance in the Upper Chamber.

The Deputies have also decided, that after the 1st September the only legal tender shall be specie ; but all debts contracted before the 23d of July are to be discharged on the old terms, half specie and half paper.