6 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 10


Arrived--At Gravesend, Sept. 1st, Sir Joseph Banks, Daniells, from New South Wales ; and 4th, Courier, Palmer; from the Cape. Off Dover, 4th, Mary, Turean, tram Manilla. At Liverpool, Aug. 30th, Diadem, Croft, from Bengal ; Sept. 34, Saguinay, Stuart, from Manilla ; and Laura, Taylor, from Mauritius. At Manilla, Jan. 23d; Themlosia, Smith, from Liverpool ; March 7th, Olive and Eliza, Parsons, from Loudon; and 10th, Duteliess of Clarence, Evans, from Liverpool. At New South Wales, March 14th, Cognac packet, Spittall; and Othello, Leggatt, from Liverpool. Sailed—From Gravesend, Aug. 31, Catherine, Fenn. for Bengal ; Mary Ann, Horn. blow, for Madras ; and Funchal, Henniker, for New South Wales; Sept. 2. Childe Lancaster. tor Bengal ; Buckinghamshire, Hopkins, for Bombay ; and Kersewell, Asa ell, for the Cate; 3d, Duke of Argyle, Bristow, for Bengal ; and, 5th, Eagle, Paterson, for Mauritius. From Liverpool. 1st. Mediterranean Packet, Green, fur New South Wales ; and, 2d, Duncan, Randoll, for China.