6 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 13

A public dinner was given at Leamington on Wednesday, to

celebrate the rejection of the Warwick Borough Bill. Several speeches were made in reference to the subject ; and after souse encomiums n upon the Lord Chancellor for having placed "the bill in its proper light," his Lordship's health was drunk with three times three, and much approbation. A similar compliment was paid to the Earl of Warwick.— Courier.

Par nobile fratrum. How well the two names Waewics and BROUGHAM, or BROUGHAM and WARWICK, jingle together at a Tory dinner ! The Leamington Tories are discerning persons: they know who their best friend was in the House of Lords; they know who placed "the bill in its proper light." Lord BROUGHAM has gained his point ; and Conservative flattery must console him for the loss of Reforming confidence and esteem. But the time was when HENRY BROUGHAM would have spurned the praise of Lord Waewlex's minions, which he has lately sacrificed so much to gain and to deserve.