6 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 13

At the Marylebone Office, on Wednesday, a footman in the

service of J. Car- ruthers, Esq., of 52, Upper Harley Street, was charged with the following impudent conduct. It appeared that the defendant was so vexed at having re- ceived notice to gait, that he resolved to have his revenge. Accordingly, while waiting on a party on the previous evening, he contrived to thrust the bread. basket violently into the face of a young lady ; upon being remonstrated with, he became still more angry, and dashed a puddiug down on the table, in the most consequential manner. On being asked what he theaut, he said to Mr. Car- ruthers, that he had a soul, and was no slave—but that he (Mr. C.) had no soul, but merely a fleshy carcass. A Policeman was then called tn., who took him into custody. He was liberated, as Mr. Carruthers, having dismissed him his service, did nut wish to press the charge.—Herald. This is certainly a novel method of demolishing the doctrines of the Materialists. To thrust a bread-basket into the face of a young lady, and dash a pudding on a dining-table " with a con- sequential air," is an argument which never would have occurred either to DESCARTES OF DUGALD STEWA.RT. It cut both ways too, in the opinion of this metaphysical footman ; for it not only proved his own title to the possession of the mens divinior, but demon- strated Mr. CARRUTHERS to be nothing but vile corpus —" a bed-presser, a huge hill of flesh."