6 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 14


of the members of this society

took place in their theatre, 165, Aldersgate Street, on Wednesday

evening. The chair was taken at eight o'clock, by Dr. Southwood Smith. The report of the proceedings of the past half-year, which was read by the Secretary, and unanimously adopted by the meeting, was

exceedingly favourable. The number of members was reported at 736, being 86 more than at the corresponding period last year. The library

has been considerably increased, and the number of books now amounts to 5700; of which about 200 had been added since the last report, besides several extensive purchases to supply the place of numerous popular works, which had been worn out in consequence of their ex- tensive circulation.

A conviction of the necessity which would soon exist for the enlarge- ment of the premises of the Institution, had induced the Committee to lay the foundation of an accumulating fund, to which they have deter- mined to devote 501. from the receipts of each half-year : that amount has been already appropriated from the receipts of the current half-year, and has been increased to 91/. 3s. 8d., by the donation of 211. from one of the classes, and 201. 3s. 8d. the profits of an excursion under- taken by some of the members. The report of the Auditor was next read : by which it appeared that the balance on hand from the last report, and receipts during the half- year, amounted, together, to 1239/. Is. 8d. ; the expenses during the same period were 9301. ; leaving a balance of 3091. Is. 8d.

Among the lectures delivered since the last meeting were the follow- ing,—on Woollen Manufactures, by Mr. Newton ; Chemistry, by Mr.

Hemming; National Education, by Mr. Mayer; the Literary History of Great Britain, by Mr. Innes ; Elocution, by Mr. Scare ; Alusic, by

Mr. Wordsworth ; the Mind, by Dr. Allen ; Arithmetic, by Mr. Holton ; Oratory and the Ancient English Drama, by Mr. Smart ; French Literature, by M. Delille, Professor of French Language to the Institution ; I lydrostatics and Hydraulics, by Mr. Hemming. The various classes for the attainment of languages, and for mutual instruc- tion, still continue in full activity. After the adoption of the report, a discussion of some length occurred upon a proposition for the immediate enlargment of the premises of the

Institution. This was ultimately agreed to ; and after the usual votes of thanks to donors of books, to the Committee, the Secretary, and the Chairman of the evening, the meeting separated.