6 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 14



Miriam Coffin, or the Whale Fishermen ; a Tale. 3 vols. Whittaker and Cu.


The Life, Character, and Literary Labours of Samuel Drew,A.M. By his Eldest Sob,

Lonjutan and CO,


The New Statistical Account of Scotland. No. III. Containing the County of

Peebles complete, with Map, and part of the County of Lanark. Blackwood.


Political Christianity, State l'atronage, and Government Support in National Establishments of Religion, not only ineffective as a means of propagating Divine Truth, but pernicious to the Nation and obstructive to the progress of Scriptural Religion. Illustrated iu the l'ulitical, Ecclesiastical, and Eilocatirmal Statistics of Ireland. Hamilton, Adams, and Co. EDUCATION.

The Child's Economic Instructor. By James Campbell, Teacher of English, Public

Seminaries, Dundee. (Nos. I. II. III.) . Hliittuker and Co. A Collection of Interesting and Instructive Lessons for the Use of Junior Classes, By James Campbell. A Collection of Interesting and Instructive Lessons in Prose and Verse. By the same Author. Duncan.