6 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 2

Etc Court.

THE King, who spent the first part of the week at Windsor, arrived at St. James's Palace on Wednesday, attended by Sir Herbert Taylor. Boon after his arrival, the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex were introduced by the Earl of .Errol into the Royal closet; where his Majesty informed them, that at three o'clock he should be prepared to receive the congratulatory addresses on the safe return of the Queen from Germany, from the Courts of Aldermen and Common Council. Accordingly, at that hour, the Lord Mayor and Civic Officers presented the addresses with the usual formalities, and then retired. A few no-, blemen and members of the household were present, but the attendance was very thin. Afterwards, a Privy Council was held, at which the Earl of Gosford kissed hands as Captain of the Yeomen Guards, and was sworn in as Privy Councillor. His Majesty then gave audience to Lord Holland, Lord Melbourne, Mr. Spring Rice, and the Earl of Albemarle. The King returned to Windsor in the evening.

The Dutchess of Cumberland, with Prince George, has returned to Berlin from the Baths of Pyrmont. The old story of the great im- provement in Prince George's health and sight is repeated.