6 SEPTEMBER 1913, Page 1

The Lisbon correspondent of the Times stated in a telegram

published on Monday that pardons: are- to-- be granted on October 5th—the third anniversary of- the proclamation of the Portuguese- Republic—to- certain Royalist prisoners. The favoured prisoners will be those-who-have-" taken a subordinate part in the occurrences under the influence of_ others, and who are unlikely to repeat- the- offence._' This formula may not be applicable- to many of the- political prisoners. Everything depends on the interpretation placed on it by the- Government. We sincerely- hope that- this interpretation maybe-wide- and ungrudging. Respect and sympathy for the- Republic -would be vastly increased in Great Britain by-generous treatment of the political prisoners., Probably such a sign of self-confidence and proof of strength would also- react beneficially on the position of the Republic in Portugal itself.--