6 SEPTEMBER 1913, Page 1

The Vorwarts, the leading German Socialist organ, has divulged a

new and remarkable newspaper scheme organized to promote the interests of Germany's trade and foreign policy. The scheme, which is set forth in a letter addressed to the new Foreign Secretary, Herr Jagow, by Herr Bassermann, the leader of the National Liberals, and a number of Reichstag deputies, and for which the support of the Foreign Office is asked, is for the establishment of a new daily world review, to be called the Zeitung der Zeitvngen, supplemented by a correspondence agency for supplying foreign newspapers with letters written in the interest of German policy and of German economic life. Fifty foreign and oversea newspapers, it is said, have already promised to publish these letters, and it is hoped that the scheme will develop into an international press organization run in German interests.