6 SEPTEMBER 1913, Page 2

This is a fair and reasonable forecast of what would

naturally happen in the House of Lords if at a general election the people sanctioned Home Rule. We are very glad that Lord Curzon has made this explanation, as Mr. Birrelrs letter proves that Lord Cnrzon's original words could be easily twisted so as radically to misinterpret their meaning. Lord Lansdowne said, in effect, " If the people unequivocally approve of Home Rule at a general election we cannot any longer resist it." That is a simple undertaking incapable of being misinterpreted. But Lord Curzon cannot be misrepresented again if his words be read fairly. It is no longer possible for any honest critic to pretend that what he meant was : "If the people approve of Home Rule at a general election the House of Lords will proceed to please themselves by hacking about the Home Rule Bill. The real purpose of the election is to be Heads we— the Lords—win, tails you lose." The truth is that the Lords would do just what Lord Lansdowne said, if the verdict of the people went against them—they would cease to resist. But the Government would take very good care that the Bill was not accepted with all its impracticabilities thick upon it.