6 SEPTEMBER 1913, Page 2

Wednesday's papers contain a correspondence between Mr. Lloyd George and

Lord Wolmer with reference to a statement made by the latter as to the impropriety of the Chancellor's investment in American Marconi shares and the profit that he might have made. According to the reports of his speech Lord Wolmer said that Mr. Lloyd George might have made a profit of 230,090. Lord Wollner, in reply to Mr. Lloyd George's protest, said that the reports of his speech were condensed, and that what he said was that this sum might have been the profit on the united investments of Mr. Lloyd George, Sir Rufus Isaacs, and Lord Murray. On Friday the papers published a letter from Mr. Lloyd George, in which he said that he had communicated with the reporters, who all deny that Lord Wollner was misreported by them. English shorthand reporters are extraordinarily accurate, and we have little doubt that what they say is correct. The evidence is against Lord Wolmer.