6 SEPTEMBER 1913, Page 25

Trans-Himalaya. Vol. iii. By Sven Hedin. (Macmillan and Co. 15s.

net.)—With this volume Dr. Sven Hedin com- pletes the story of his discoveries and adventures in Tibet. The most interesting parts of the book deal with the exploration of the sources of the Indus and Sutlej, which the writer shows have never before been reached by a European or even by any Asiatic of note. In this connexion he devotes several chapters to the history of Tibetan explora-

tion from the seventeenth century onwards, and gives an account of the missionary enterprise of Antonio Andrade, the Erst Jesuit to enter the country. Another chapter of general interest contains a comparison between Lamaism and Catholicism. Of those parts of the book which deal with Dr. Sven Hedin's own wanderings it is unnecessary to speak. To those who have made the acquaintance of the writer's former volumes his gifts of description and observation require no further commendation.