6 SEPTEMBER 1913, Page 3

Fourteen people were killed and many injured in a terrible

railway accident early on Tuesday morning on the Midland line near Kirkby Stephen. Two Scotch expresses had left Carlisle -at 1.35 and 1.47 respectively, and at about three o'clock the first, owing to lack of power, came to a stop on the slope leading to the Aisgill summit. The second express, which disregarded the signals, dashed into the stationary train. The last three carriages took fire, and blazed so fiercely that it was impossible to remove the dead until they were charred beyond recognition. Major Pringle, of the Board of Trade, opened an inquiry into the disaster on Thursday, from which the press and public were excluded, in accordance with the usual practice when railwaymen may become involved in a criminal charge. Mr. Thomas, M.P.; who sought admis- sion as representing the railway servants, but was told they did not wish him to appear for them, has accused the company of intimidation, and attributes the accident to the use of inferior coal. On Friday the inquiry was opened to the public.