6 SEPTEMBER 1919, Page 12


[To THE EDITOR Or THE " SPECTATOR.") • SIR, —I see in your issue of Saturday last a letter by Mr. Gerald Ritchie on "Mrs. Besant and Indian Reform."_ In this occurs the statement that Mr. Ritchie was "credibly informed" that the "Montagu-Chelmsford Report was sub- mitted to Mrs. Besant for criticism before it was published. And further, it is reported that even she was shocked at the extreme character of the Report" (italics Mr. Ritchie's). Both statements are false. Mr. Ritchie's further statements are mostly the result of his perfervid imagination, but as they only concern myself, not a measure of vital importance to Britain and India, that might be prejudiced by his incredibly in- accurate statements, it is not worth while to correct them.—