6 SEPTEMBER 1919, Page 13


THE " SPECTATOR."] . SIR,—I am venturing to ask for the hospitality of your columns to make an appeal which should interest many readers of the Spectator. It is on behalf of a garden—a garden entirely surrounded by deserts of streets and houses, and looked 'upon by- its neighbours-- as such a -rarity "that they ofteir -say on entering it : "It puts you in mind of going to the country to come in 'ere." And without doubt experience and discretion in planting. can produce . a very gay and refreshing oasis. This garden belongs to the Lady Margaret Hall Settlement in Lambeth, and has recently been considerably altered by the building of an attractive but much needed for tea-parties and other social enjoyments. The garden must be remodelled to make the most of its space and possibilities. Both time and money are scarce in Settlements : will some experienced garden lover volunteer to help us in the actual spade work?

The suggestions are to convert a disused piece of shady ground into a small enclosed garden, for which ferns, Solomon Seal, &c., will be needed, to widen a border, and do away with a large bed in a grass plot. No doubt any expert who came to see it would discover further possibilities and help us with advice. Those of your readers who know the London and South-Western Railway between Vauxhall and Waterloo will need few words to assure them of the value of such a garden plot as ours. It is constantly used, and we who go in and out daily long to see it brought to the greatest perfection possible for the joy and benefit of our less fortunate neigh- bours. The Settlement can be easily reached by Bakerloo Tube (Lambeth North) or 'bus (3 or 59).—I am. Sir, &c.,


Lady Margaret Hall Settlement, 131 Kennington Road, S.K. 11.

P.S.-:This very week several willow wrens have been singing in the garden.