6 SEPTEMBER 1919, Page 13



SIR,—May I suggest to your readers, a way of reviving the appetite for the best English literatiire, which in your interest- ing article of August 23rd entitled "The Bond of Letters" you' deplore as a thing of the past? The way is simple, and a sure and certain way of attaining the desired end. It is as follows. Make a habit of setting apart ten minutes a day to commit to memory a few lines from a masterpiece of a master- mind. Get the words firmly into. the head, and the. heart will respond to them and make them her own, thus expounding the true, literal meaning of the expression "learning by heart." In this way the thoughts of the good and great of the earth become fixed in the mind of the ordinary mortal, and once the latter has tasted the joy and satisfaction that indiVidual contact with a superior mind (either in or out of the body) infallibly brings with it, he becomes inspired with a healthy mind-hunger that only the best literature can satisfy.