6 SEPTEMBER 1946, Page 14

In. My Garden A list of flowering shrubs for a

new garden has reached.me with a request for criiicism. Personally, I like to emphasise late-flowering shrubs, in which the list seemed to me weak. The bush St. john's worts, now very gorgeous, are to my eyes invaluable. There was no mention of Spartium Juncetun, which is later than most brooms, excepting the grace- ful Aetneniis, and has a much longer flowering period than any, and even this can be extended by summer pruning. I hold Subhirtella Autumnalis to be almost the most valuable prunus.- I suppose such winter flowerers as chimomanthus, viburnum fragrans and witch-hazel are really early, rather than late—anticipations of spring, not survivals. How beautiful at this date are some forms of the hibiscus, and they are