6 SEPTEMBER 1946, Page 14

SAVE EUROPE NOW Sta,—The GoVerturient has now given permission for

the despatch of parcels of clothes, books and various other commodities to individuals in the British zone of Germany (excluding Berlin) through "Save Europe Now." These parcels will be delivered by the Evangelische Hilfswerk, a church relief organisation. It is hoped to extend the scheme to cover the other zones of Germany, and Berlin, in the near future. Many of your readers may wish to take advantage of these facilities. If so, they should send a stamped addressed envelope for the leaflet giving full details of the scheme to "Save Europe Now," 4, Henrietta Street, London, W.C.2. Parcels must not be sent directly, or brought, to this address, as various rules and regulations have to be observed.—

Chairman, " Save Europe Now."