6 SEPTEMBER 1946, Page 4

The controversy, for I am afraid it is developing into

that, about a memorial to the Brownings, has its nice points. If it is a question simply of commemorating the marriage of the poets, then St. Marylebone Parish Church clearly has it, for the two were undeniably married in that building on September r2th, 1846. On the other hand the fact that neither Mr. Browning nor Miss Barrett was an Anglican, and that both of them constantly worshipped at Paddington Chapel, a few hundred yards farther west, is material. But no one seems to have thought of any memorial at Paddington Chapel till the memorial at Marylebone Church was proposed. It seems, indeed, to have been left to the Vicar of Marylebone to realise that the centenary of the marriage was impending. It would hardly be decent for his plan to be impeded and his idea appropriated in the interests of a contiguous place of worship. After all nothing that Church may do prevents the Chapel from doing what it pleases.

* * *