6 SEPTEMBER 1997, Page 28

Shaky platform

Sir: In 1973 when I was editor, Private Eye reported that Tom Stacey's publicity firm was heavily in debt and that a number of cheques had bounced. In a letter to the edi- tor at the time Stacey claimed that 'no cheques have bounced since I have been chief executive' — a silly piece of sophistry as he had been joint managing director when the cheques bounced. Stacey now confirms that his firm was in serious difficulties with debts amounting to £200,000 at the time.

If this is to be a platform from which Stacey, his friend Taki and other corre- spondents are going to launch an attack on Private Eye I could suggest a number of bet- ter ones.

Richard Ingrams


45/46 Poland Street, London W1