7 APRIL 1832, Page 16

In our notice last week of the Suffolk Street Gallery,

we passed by the Water Colour Room ; and indeed there are few works in it of !prominent attraction, if we except four splendid water colour draw- ings by ROBERTS, in one frame (776). There are, however, two frames, each with four picturesque sketches of Buildings, by H. IV. BURGESS, in his bold, dashing style. Two or three of IWCiass's .showy but masterly portraits, in too close imitation of A. CHALON'S :style : the flesh tints arc opaque, and the draperies too flashy, in 551. This young artist must beware of mannerism. J. W. "%Valour has two • admirable portraits of Miss Ellen Ames (557), and Lord Tenterden (677); painted with great force, breadth, and simplicity; and Haar has a fine study of Jewish Rabbis (545). There are many Landscape sketches, of great truth and beauty; and a fair show of Miniatures. The Sculpture Room presents no work of remarkable beauty, that we have not seen before ; and of these the living marble figure of the "Boy and Lizard," by SHARP, will well bear a second view : it is the reality of nature, and better than all the feeble attempts at the ideal of form which modern artists fiiiI in. There are several Busts by C. bloom : all are .good in style and individual character—that of 1,1w- pence is the best of him that we have seen. An Orphan Girl, by T. Krim, looks hie a child just come out of a bath, with her wet drapery: it is a work of promise. Among the busts, is one of Colonel Jones,—.. rather too plethoric, we think, for the gallant Radical. There are several small Models of merit; and a study of a Horse's head, in bronze, which has fine animal character.

Of the Engravings that we have not noticed, two of Dogs, by IIAN- coex,—one, a highly finished lithograph by FAIRLAND, the other, a good engraving by BECKWITH,—Will bear comparison with the original paintings exhibited in the gallery; the best test of their fidelity. A serious portrait of Liston, in mezzotint, by Sarni, after a painting by CLINT, is almost as amusing as the gravity of the original.