7 APRIL 1832, Page 16

'The Enamel Pictures on Glass, exhibiting in the Strand, near

Exeter Hall, consist of copies the size of the prints of HARLOWE'S picture of the 'Kemble 'Family, MARTIN'S Belshazzar' Joshua, and Love among the Roses, and the group of Charity, by REYNOLDS. They are prin- cipallyremarkable for the extreme brilliancy of the effects, and dazzling • richness of colour, produced by the transparent medium. We cannot bestow any praise upon the drawing, though they appear to be faithful copies in the main. Being of a small size, each picture is perfectwith- out a seam ; a great improvement in effect, but, of course, limited in it advantages. Besides, pictures on this scale must be near the eye ; .and then their-extreme brilliancy makes the sight ache. Painted glass windows are not desirable as isolated ornaments in a room, but to admit light into a large space, and to aid with the splendour Of their hues the coup d'ceil. The effect of MARTIN'S Belshazzar is like that produced

by the blue lights in a display of fireworks. The artist renders the awful warning of God by the exhibition of a coup de theatre.