7 APRIL 1832, Page 21

-6. The Pioneers, complete in one volume (Standard Novels, No.

XIV.) This is, in our 'opinion, the best and most interesting of all COOPER'S novels ; and it contains the germs, of all his sub- sequent ones. In the order of publication, we believe, it followed the Spy, the first of his admirable series. But the Pioneers has the merits without the defects of COOPER'S other Writings. It is full and copious, without being prolix; it is various in its subjects, and though the interest is concentrated, the persons are numerous, and the scenes rich in variety. The Old Indian, and Leather- stocking, and the sailor-steward of Mr. Temple, are characters never to be erased from the memory, and may be considered as the types'of manyof 3%.1r. COOPER'S subsequent creations. We trust (and not in the language of puffery) that the sale of this work will remunerate the .proprietors for the daringness of the speculation,— for such it must be to publish this bulky little volume at a price that can but very little exceed the actual expense of paper and print.