7 APRIL 1832, Page 21

13. We notice the appearance of the Thirty-second Number of

the Westniitiitei 'Review, no so Much'to • record the fact of its be- ing distinguished by very considerable - talent and even more than its ordinary activity, as to point out to the attention of all thinking men, a refutation of the Saint-Simonian doctrines, now spreading in France, and Which are akin to our Cooperative system at home. This article is one of the completest; and_at.the same time the pleasantest pieces Of destruction, we ever met with. - • The Saint- • SiMonian scheme is torn limb from limb, and every principle of vitality worried out of it, with an energy and perseverance typi- fied only in the lower animals, by the provekbial resolution of the .English bu1l7dog. If it be not profane to compare the author of

. .

the Catechism of the Corn-Laws to Billy the Rat-catcher, we should say, here he is, in a confined space, with two hundred errors let out before him, the which he utterly annihilates in the short space of one half hour. Each unhappy rogue just gets one generous nip in the back, and there he lies—a warning to all doc- trinal vermin.