7 APRIL 1832, Page 5

STEAM - VESSELS IN THE THAMES. — The bill (as amended by the Committee)

to regulate the navigation of steam vessels on the Thames, enacts that no steam-vessel is to be employed in the Thames unless licensed by the officer of the Customs, previous to which the vessels are to be surveyed. The number of passengers to be not more than two for every ton registered burden, if intended to go to sea; but if not, not more than three for each ton. The licence to be in force for three years. Vessels not licensed to be forfeited. The name of cap- tain, and the numbers of crew, passengers, and boats, and speed at full power, to be painted on the deck, and an index to be provided for showing the actual speed. A penalty is laid on taking a greater number of passengers than allowed. Boats are to be provided on board steam- vessels. The speed to be restrained between London Bridge and Cuckold's Point. Lights to be shown from steam-boats during the night-time. If damage be done to any boat or craft by any steam- vessel, the owner to pay the amount of such damage. Power is vested in the Lord Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, and Justices, to summon and apprehend offenders, examine witnesses on oath, and punish by fine or imprisonment. Tha penalty for going beyond the regulated speed is to be enforced only at the discretion of the magistrate. Justices may, however, allow five passengers for every hundred tons over licensed number.

IRISH TITHES.—Heads of the Bill to facilitate the Recovery of Tithes in certain cases in Ireland, and for Relief of the Clergy of the Established Church. 1. The Lord Lieutenant to advance 60,0001. for the purposes of this Act.-2. Application to be made by Me- morial to the Lord Lieutenant by ecclesiastical persons who have not received or recovered tithe for the year last past, for relief under this Act. A schedule to be attached to Memorial, stating Particulars.- 3., When an ecclesiastical person be declared entitled to relief under this Act, his right to tithes for year last past to cease and be vested in the Crown. Not to affect his right to tithes of former years.-4. Upon application for relief under this Act, Proclamation to be issued en- joining payment; proceedings in case of default.-5. Collectors of Excise shall give a receipt to parties making payment, which shall be a sufficient acquittance.-6. In default of obedience to Proclamation, application by petition of Attorney-General to be made to the Court of Chancery or Exchequer for an order against defaulters.-7. Court of Chancery or Exchequer to examine into the matter of petition.—S. Interrogatories to be answered.-9. Books, 8rc. may be ordered into Court; proceedings to be summary; petition not to abate by death of parties.-10. Notice of any proceeding to be taken on such petition shall be posted up fourteen days previously.—I I. Orders of Court to have effect of a Decree, without enrolment.-12. Tithes not exceeding 10/. may be applied for by the Attorney_ General to Assistant Bar- rister of county.-13. Notice of intention to petition, with schedule stating particulars, to be posted up ten days before General or Quarter Sess sons.-14. Where parties do not appear by Counsel at the hearing of Petition, Decree may be forthwith made.-15. Monies paid under the Act to be placed to the credit of the Teller of the Exchequer, and kept separate from all other monies. Account to be kept.-16. Costs to Respondents unjustly sued.-17. All proceedings under this Act exempt from stamp duties or office tees....-18. Persons who swear falsely shall suffer for perjury.