7 APRIL 1832, Page 9


A meeting of the Glasgow Political Union took place on Tuesday; for the purpose of addressing the King and petitioning the Lords in. favour of the Reform Bill. The petition to the House of Lords was ordered to be forwarded to the Duke of Hamilton for presentation ; and it was determined that his Grace, and the Duke of Argyll, Lord Belhaven, and other independent Scotch noblemen in that House, be requested to. s upport it.

Twenty-one medical gentlemen of Paisley, resenting the indignities of the populace, and doubting whether the continuance of their labours be not likely to eventuate in evil rather than in good, have resigned their offices as district surgeons into the hands of the Board of Health. The town must now She considered as completely destitute of gratuitous maim]. superintendence, So far as the cholera is concerned.—Caledonian Mercury. The Elgin Courier says, more people have left that county during last year than for the previous ten. From the small village of Rothes alone, sixteen intend sailing very soon in the same vessel.

Some incendiaries have commenced their work of destruction in Luthennuir, a village five miles distant from this. It is reported that no. less than five houses have been set on fire.—Caledonian Mercury. [We cannot say we are sufficiently acquainted with the topography of Edinburghshire to know any thing about Luthermuir ; indeed we never heard the name before.]

Gibson, a notorious thief from Glasgow, who has been frequently punished at Edinburgh, was -found, on Friday morning, dead in bed

,a:low house in North Gray's Close. He was in a beastly state of 'intoxication the night before, which is the supposed cause of death. .......Cakdonian Mercury. A mob of women lately attacked the house of Dr. Kirk, a physician of-Greenock, and the Police had some difficulty in preserving it from destruction. The Doetor, in one of his lectures on cholera, had im- peached the character of the ladies of Greenock, by asserting that they were "nasty in their habits."