7 APRIL 1866, Page 2

St. Patrick's Day passed off in the United States without

any demonstration against Canada, and General Sweeny now says he

does net know where he shall strikedrat. lisaffetiorance is shared by all other Fenians, and it is probable that the final blow will not be delivered anywhere. We commend to our "seders' attention the comments of our " Yankee " correspondent es the subject, and on the character of Irishmen in general. Pas letter is a per- fect explosion of disgust, and we believe his sentiments are shared by five-sixths of all native-born Americans, who would delight in nothing so much as in a fair opportunity of teaching the Irish emigrants that, in their own phrase,_ "one man is as good as another, and better too." He is wrong in his estimate both of the Irish character, except as to the singular rapacity it' often developes abroad, and of Irish tendencies to crime. It bp edersearstrable fact that no country is so free from ordinary crime as Ireland.