7 APRIL 1866, Page 2

The Times publishes a somewhat startling letter from Moldo- Wallachia.

The writer, who evidently knows his subject, affirms that the people of the Principalities are quite determined to have a foreign prince for their sovereign, and- if the Powers-refuse to permit this, the Provisional Government will declare the Prin- cipalities independent of Turkey. If invaded in consequence by Turks, they will fight, and have already concluded arrangements with Servia and a section of the Bulgarians for a general revolt. They have as a nucleus 30,000 troops, and Prince Michael has some 16,000 more. The Turks on their side are gathering troops at Rustchuk, and as Conference has decided against a foreign prince, it is not impossible that we may in a few weeks have the Eastern question reopened after a very alarming style. Is it per- chance with a view to these contingencies that Russia maintains so strong a force upon the Pruth ? The writer may be exaggerat- ing with a purpose easily perceived, but a rebellion against Turkey always enlists the hearty sympathy of her dependents north of the Balkan.