7 APRIL 1866, Page 3

A terrible affair has occurred. at Barletta, in the Marches,

which we ought to have noticed last week, but disbelieved. The priests there have for some time past been stirring up the people against the Protestants, and on March 19 induced a mob of ignorant labourers to attack the house in which their meetings were held. A priest with a crucifix led them on, three houses were burnt, six persons killed, and it is said about 70 wounded. The National -Guard behaved disgracefully, looking on as if at a show, and the rest of the "Evangelicals" were saved by a custom-house guard. It seems that Protestant ideas are spreading rapidly in this region, -and the priests thought that fire and sword would be useful argu- ments. The Government will doubtless see that, whoever escapes, these wretches do not, and should besides fine the town heavily, for the benefit of the families of the killed.