7 APRIL 1866, Page 3

One Edward Owen Greening, of Manchester, is, it seems, cir-

-culating a lithographed letter suggesting that the leading Reform Associations should form a National Union, declare the 12th April a national holiday, run cheap excursion trains to London, -and fill Parliament Street with a gathering such as greeted Gari- baldi. It is not very likely that this wild plan will be carried out, or that railway directors will lend themselves to &project for coercing Parliament, but if it should be, the last chance of the Reform Bill would disappear. The workmen would prove the truth of the one reasonable charge against theca—that they cannot tolerate -difference of opinion, but always try to overbear it by force of numbers and of menace. As to actual coercion, it is impossible. The faintest appeal from the House would bring the special con- .stables into the streets as numerous as they were on the 10th April, 1848. London is the worst place in the world for an insurrec- tion.