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Readings for Advent, selected from the Old and New Testaments. Ar- ranged for the use of the Collegiate Schools, Liverpool. [These selections are arranged in three parts. The first part consists of prophetic passages from the Old Testament, relating to the corning and character of Christ. f he second division embraces Christ's biography till his baptism, taken from the Gospels. The third part, chiefly selected from the Epistles, describes the results of Christ's coming in the flesh, and to judgment, with the " perfect and eternal reign " described in the Revelations. In a scholastic point of view, the selections are made with great skill. How far the typical and mystic character of much in the first and third parts may be fitted for a class-book, is a question.] The Corporation of London, as it is, and as it should be. By William


[In this little volume Mr. Carpenter exhibits the constitution and functions of the City authorities, and analyzes the abuses and corruption that prevail among the wise men of the East, with temper, rather letting his facts than his epithets de- scribe the evil. Those who desire to learn the leading points of the history, powers, assumptions, revenue, expenditure, and jobs of the Lord Mayor, Alder- men, Common Councilmen, and Livery Companies, will find them in The Corpo- ration of London as it is, presented in a clearly-arranged and readable manner. The History of Florence, and of the Affairs of Italy, from the Earl& Times to the Death of Lorenzo the Magnificent; together with" The Prince," and various other Tracts. By Nicolo Machiavelli. A new Translation. (Ltohn's Standard Library.) [This is one of the most judicious publications of Mr. Bolan in his Library: for although every one has heard of Machiavelli's writings, few have road them, and for the simple reason that they could scarcely get them, at least in English. The great Florentiue's two chefs d'cetivre both in historical and practical politics, with a selection from his miscellaneous writings, may now be had for a trifle.] History of Europe, from the Commencement of the French Revolution in 1789 to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 181.5. By Archibald Alison, F.R.S.E., Advocate. Volume the eighth. Seventh edition. [This volume contains the history of the Consulate; commencing with the Egyp- tian war after Bonaparte's departure, and ending with the coronation of Napoleon the First.] Select Writings of Robert Chambers. Volume VL Traditions of Edinburgh. A new edition, much amended. [We know not whether this sixth volume is published separately, but whether alone or as one of a series it is well worth having. Perhaps, of all the writings of Robert Chambers, the subject was best adapted to his genius. The collection of facts is as much his " innateis amor" as gathering honey that of the bee; and the necessity of sticking to the fact prevents the over-detail into which he occa- sionally runs in his essays, but without detracting from his felicity of manner.] A Guide to the Birth-Town of Shakspere and the Pods Rural Haseste. By

George May, Author of "A Descriptive Guide to Evesham."

[A brief and well-done guide to Stratford-on-Avon, compiled from the various• fate publications on the subject, aided by personal inspection. A little less forams might have been desirable.] A Complete Practical Grammar of the German Language; including Exer-• cises for Beginners, and for the Advanced. By the Reverend Fr. Neel% Ph. Dr. of the University of Marburg, &e.

[Thirty years behind the age in respect of practical and theoretical views or teaching the language; fifty years behind the age in its philology.]

The Natural History of Bores. By Angus B. Reach. Second edition.


Memoirs of the Private Life and Opinions of Louisa Quetta of Prussia, Consort of Frederick William III. By Mrs. Charles Richardson. Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H.M.S. Fly, commanded by Captsbe F. P. Blackwood, R.N., in Torres Strait, New Guinea, and other Isdis of the Eastern Archipelago, during the years 1842-1846: together with an Excursion into the Eastern part of Java. By J. Beete Jukes, M.A.; F.G.S., Naturalist to the Expedition, &c. Published by permission of thw Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. In two volumes.


The Chronological Scripture Atlas; containing a complete series of Maps elucidatory of the Sacred History; illustrating also the Principal Epochs in the Ecclesiastical His' tory of Christendom, and the Condition of the Holy Land from the earliest ages to the present day; an elaborate Chart of General History, with a Comparative Index and Concordance of all the Scripture Occurrences of the places. This atlas is a very painstaking and useful accompaniment to Scriptural and Christian history, every way worthy of the well-known house of Bagster. A se- ries of maps exhibits the ancient Roman and Persian empires, and Palestine and Christendom at different periods of time, so as to show the regions as they were at the most remarkable epochs. Colour marks the various divisions to the eye; which thus takes in the great historico-geographical results at a glance as in the maps of Christendom at the rise of Mahometanism and during the Crusades. Typographical indications denote doubtful sites or classical names, and convey other information. Each map is accompanied by an essay, descriptive, explana- tory, or expositional, as the case may require, and directing the reader, who may wish to pursue the subject, to the best sources of fuller information. There are two elaborate indexes of places, with a reference to the text of Scripture where the name of the place is first mentioned. The engraving of the maps is very neat, and the volume, though small, is handsome.] SERIALS.

Haverstock; a Tale of the Mania of 1845. No. I. [The first number of a fiction intended to depict, or satirize, or denounce the rail- way doings of 1845: for the object of the writer or the scope of his tale is not as yet very clear. We get no further than the incipient formation of the " Great- British-Double-Gauge-Free-from-all-Accident-Railway-Company," and the first meeting of the board.] The Traveller's Directory and Guide Book. August.

[A cheap little pocket affair; containing a variety of useful information to the traveller or London visitor: the tabular view of the principal towns in England and Wales, with the best mode of reaching them from London by railroad or other con- veyance, is the most striking feature.]

The Companion of the Tour of France. (The Works of George Sand, Part VIII.) MAGAZINE.

The Dratoingrootn Magazine, or Ladies Book of Fancy Needlework and Choice Literature. No. I.

[A considerable part of the Dramingroom Magazine is devoted to the fashionable fancy needlework, with plates to illustrate the text; the remainder consists of ar- ticles of "light reading."]