7 AUGUST 1852, Page 20


On the 30th July, at Keith Hall, N.B., the Wife of Captain Peter Lamm Hawker, of a son.

On the 30th, at Newton Rectory, in the Isle of Ely, the Wife of the Bev. James W. Berryman, of a daughter.

On the 31st, at Megginch Castle, Perthshire, the Wife of John Murray-Drummond, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 1st August, in South Street, the Hon. Mrs. Duncombe, of a son and heir. On the 1st, at Trelissick, Cornwall, the Hon. Ann, Wife of J. D. Gilbert, Esq., of a son.

On the 1st, at Brockley Court, the Wife of Henry Smyth Piggott. Esq., of a son. On the let, at Livermead Cottage, Torquay, the Lady Anna Maria Courtenay, of a


On the 2d, at Twickenham, Mrs. Thomas Twining, née Baroness von Hagen, of a daughter.

On the the 2d, in Princes' Terrace, Hyde Park, the Wife of Arthur Otway, Esq., M.P., of a eon.

On the 2d, at Kensington, the Wife of Henry Cole, Esq., C.B., of a daughter. On the 3d, in Upper Brook Street, the Hon. Mrs. Monckton Mines, of a daughter, On the 3d, at Wymondham Rectory, Leicestershire, the lion. Mrs. John Beres- ford, of a daughter.


On the 22d July, in the Palace Chapel, in Hanover, the Viscount Mandeville, eldest son of the Duke of Manchester, to the Comtesse Louise Fredericka Auguste D'Alten. The marriage was a second time solemnized in the chapel of the British Embassy.

On the 29th, at St. John's Chapel, Edinburgh, Colonel William Cox, K.H., Assistant Quartermaster-General, Limerick district, to Matilda, daughter of the late James Hay, Esq., writer to the signet. On the 31st, at St. Ben'et and St. Peter, Paul's Wharf, John Turner, Esq., of Chiswick, to Harriett, third daughter of Captain Lewis, R.N., of the Mall, Chiswick.

On the 81st, at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, Captain. Henry Lowther, M.P., First Life Guards, eldest son of the Hon. Colonel Lowther, M.P., to Emily Susan, eldest daughter of St. George Caulfield, Esq., of Wentworths, Surrey.

On the 3d August, at St. Swithin's Church, Winchester, the Rev. Edward Halifax. Hansell, Fellow and Tutor of Magdalen College, Oxford, to Mary Elizabeth, fifth daughter of the Rev. Dr. Williams, Warden of New College, Oxford, and Canon of Winchester.

On the 3d, at St. George's, Hanover Square, William Stevenson, Esq., late of the Fusilier Guards,- eldest son of Captain Stevenson, late of the Grenadier Guards, to Marie Anne, eldest daughter of Colonel Saunderson, late of the Grenadier Guards, and of Lady Maria Saunderson.

On the 4th, at Great Burstead, Essex, the Rev. John Dryden Hodgson, Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, and Incumbent of East Grafton, Wilts, second son of the late John Hodgson, Esq., Q.C., to Frances Elizabeth, only surviving daughter of the Rev. John Thomas, Vicar of Great Burstead.

On the 4th, George Charles 1Jppleby, Esq .of Bardney Hall, Barton-upon-Humber, to Emily, second daughter of the Rev. William. Worsley, Rector of Braytoft.

On the 4th, at Eastwell, Kent, William Robert, second son of the Hon. and Rev. Daniel Finch Hatton, to Agnes Graham, second daughter of the Rev. Montague Oxenden.

On the 5th, at Cockayne Hatley, Bedfordshire, Captain Henry Francis Cust, of the Eighth Hussars, to Sara Jane, Widow of Major Sidney Streattield, and daughter of I. Cookson, Esq., of Meldon Park, Northumberland. DEATHS.

On the 26th July, at Homburg, the Hon. Richard Watson, of Rockingham Castle, M.P. for Peterborough.

On the 29th, at East Looe, Cornwall, Margaret, widow of Commander John Har- ris Nicolas, R.N., and mother of the late Rear-Admiral Toup Nicolas, C.B., and Sir Harris Nicolas, G.C.M.G.; in her 90th year. On the 29th, Sir John Wentworth Loring, K.C.B., K.C.H., Admiral of the Blue, of Peartree House, near Southampton.

On the 30th, accidentally drowned whilst bathing at Weybridge, George Gilson Humphrey, eldest son of George Humphrey, Esq., of Balham Hill, Surrey, and of College Hill, London; in his 22d year. On the 30th, at Wainfleet, St. Mary, Lincolnshire, the Rev. Robert Chobneley, B.D., Rector of Wainfleet, All Saints, and Perpetual Curate of Wainfleet, St. Mary, the last surviving brother of the late Bir Montague Cholmeley, Bart.; in his 72d Sear. On the 31st, at Portobello, while bathing, Mrs. John Wilson, widow of the vocalist.

On the 1st August, at Whatfield Rectory, Suffolk, the Rev. Frederick Calvert, MA., Rector of Whatfield and Chelsworth, late Fellow and Tutor of Jesus College, Cambridge ; in his 59th year.

On the 2d, at Wendover House, Sarah, Wife of Genera Sir James Watson, K.C.B. ; in her 76th year. On the 5th, at York, T. C. Granger, Esq., M.P. for Durham. On the 5th, at Springfield, Abingdon, Annie Christian, the beloved and only daughter of John Tomkins, Esq.; in her 26th year.