7 AUGUST 1964, Page 10

Flog 'cm!

What a fascinating piece Aunty's Special Cor- respondent turned in from Hastings. He (or perhaps she) went trotting about among the young invaders asking exactly the sort of 'downright kinky' questions that John Foster sent up in his Spectator article last week. A sentence is worth recalling. 'But when it comes to it, I reckon it's the blokes who go around asking the questions who get all the kicks out of it: wearing duffle- coats and Tell Me the Facts expressions on their faces, armed with reporter's notebooks and pre- tending to be Alan Whicker or somebody.' At least The Times Special Correspondent had no doubt of the remedy. 'Whatever enlightened opinion in the rest of England may think, there is probably not an adult here but would welcome a return to the days when a good thrashing would have discouraged the young people's sheep-like hysteria and a massive display of childishness.' It isn't quite clear what, if anything, they are to be beaten for. Perhaps for being there. Perhaps pour encourager les autres. In any case, a good thrash- ing is the answer : probably preceded by a Few Plain Words.

The Hastings police and their mobile rein- forcements had a much better idea. Instead of turning sheep into heroes, they treated them as sheep. They rounded them • up, penned them marched them, tired them and left them. I don't think they'll go back' to Hastings. QUOODLE