7 AUGUST 1971, Page 23

Little Red School Book

Sir: Not perhaps surprisingly, Tony Palmer has jumped on the bandwagon propelled by the little ' ingroup' who are now busying themselves trying to persuade the vast numbers of people who have not seen The Little Red School Book that there is nothing objectionable in it. His tactics are predictable. He suggests that those who object to the book being freely dispersed amongst children are in some way 'abnormal,'

almost certainly sex-starved ' and in direct line of descent from Hitler and all but the bravest and most independent are herded willingly into the 'progressive ' stable.

Palmer's piece in 'Notes from the Underground' (July 24) has its own obscene overtones not least because it apparently condones the mental and physical exploitation of children which is so marked a characteristic of the LRSB. He quotes one extract from the book In an attempt to show how inoffensive it is. May I quote another with the opposite intention? I beg your readers' pardon for so doing.

Having described how boys and girls can masturbate one another the section on sex continues: " Many other parts of the body are also sensitive to touch, both in boys and girls; breasts, throat, neck, earlobes, insides of the thighs, and, of course, the sexual organs and the areas around them. These can all be caressed with the fingers, the lips and the tongue." In this same section pornography is described as including "pictures of intercourse with animals or people hurting each other in various ways ", while later in the same section children are informed that they "may get some good Ideas" from pornography and "find something . . that you haven't tried before."

In writing as he does Tony Palmer obviously thinks he's clever. Far from it. He's either completely brainwashed by the philosophy of the ' underground ' or he hasn't even begun to think about the fundainental right of a child to be a child or of the duty of mature people to ensure that 'childhood is protected against the Inroads of those who would exploit Its immaturity for political, social or personal gain.

We can however be grateful to the publishers of the LRSB for one thing. They have demonstrated in no uncertain terms just how vulnerable are the young at the hands of those who preach ' freedom' but advocate licence. Mary Whitehouse Honorary General Secretary, National Viewers and Listeners Assosition, Far Forest, Kidderminster, Worcs