7 DECEMBER 1833, Page 1


THE insurrection in the North of Spain is, for the present, all but suppressed. The Queen's troops entered Vittoria on the 22d, and Bilboa on the 26th of last month. The Duke of GRENADA, who has been styled the Generalissimo of the rebels, has made his es- cape into France, followed by crowds of monks. There is no intel- ligence of the movements of MERINO subsequent to his defeat; and this may be regarded as rather a suspicious circumstance. In other respects, the news is altogether favourable to the Queen.

We wish we could add that the conquerors had made a goodu se of their victory, and treated the vanquished with politic humanity. On the contrary, the carnage made among the fugitives seems to have been savage and indiscriminate. This is not the best way to prevent future outbreaks ; and should a reaction occur, which is by no means improbable, terrible vengeance may be taken on the now triumphant party.

The report of the dismissal of M. CRUZ, the War Minister at Madrid, is confirmed : but 'LEA BERMUDEZ still retains his post. M. ZARCO DEL VALLE, a decided Liberal, and friend of the Mar- quis DE LAS AMARILLAS, is appointed to the War Department ad interim ; and there seems to be no doubt that the interest of the Liberals in the Queen's councils has lately been much strength- ened. Great efforts have been made to procure the removal of ZEA BERMUDEZ, by COMA FLORIDA BLANCA; who has addressed a strong Anti-Ministerial letter to the Queen ; but the Minister has hitherto possessed the firm support of M. RAYNEVAL, the French Ambassador; and until that fails him, it is believed his place will be tolerably secure. SAARSFIELD has resigned the immediate command of the army to General VALDEZ, and is appointed Viceroy of Navarre. It seems that his long, and apparently unaccountable inaction at Burgos, was owing to want of vigour, or perhaps to treachery, in the elate Minister of War, CRUZ; by whom he was left unsup- plied with the necessary reinforcements, and hampered with con- tradictory orders. The vigorous representations of the Liberals, and the growing dissatisfaction in the capital, at length compelled the Queen to interfere. SAARSFIELD sent in his resignation of the command ; but first insisted upon putting a virtual end to the war by the capture of Vittoria and Bilboa.