7 DECEMBER 1833, Page 1

The accounts from Portugal are unsatisfactory to all who wish

for a speedy termination of the contest. Don PEDRO gains no ground in the interior, and succeeds principally in disgusting his daughter's best friends in the capital. M. CARVALHO, his Prime Minister, is hated as heartily as his master ; but, in his position, what Minister could be popular for a month together? MIGUEL has lately increased his force at Santarem, by recruits; and the, arrival of a detachment of 3,000 men from his army before Oporto, has enabled him once more to assume the offensive. He has despatched troops into the Alentejo ; with the intention, it was supposed, of attacking Faro and Lagos in the Algarve. The latter place had been supplied with provisions and a few soldiers by NAPIER ; who was, however, unable to reach Faro, in consequence of a storm at sea. The next arrival will probably bring intelligence of further movements in the direct line to Lisbon. Couriers from the Spanish Government have arrived both at Lisbon and at MIGUEL'S head-quarters; and some hopes are entertained that the proffered mediation will be accepted by both parties.