7 DECEMBER 1833, Page 1

There is no fresh intelligence, but a good deal of

speculation, as to the affairs in the East. It is said that the partition of Turkey was resolved upon at the late conference at Munchengratz ; that Russia and Austria are to be the active agents in the affair; while Prussia will keep France in check on the Rhine. A correspon-

dent of the Times says— • " The scheme of Joseph II. and Catherine II., as concocted prior to 1790, is about to be realized. The death of Mahmoud II. is to be the signal ; and that event is hourly predicted by his own subjects, who detest him, and who hate the Russians more, In consequence of their having come to support him. It is even affirmed that the treaty of partition was signed between the despoilers at their late meeting in Silesia. " The period for the great effort on the part of Russia is at hand : alone the prey may escape her grasp; Austria is therefore invited, as in the case of Po- land, to take a share. The cautious proceedings so long adopted by the Cabinet of the Kremlin, of moving step by step and securing every position, Lutist soon be abanloned; and Russia and Austria, no longer acting as foes, are resolved with the speed of vultures to devour the spoil. In France, the want is felt of a great milit Iry leader who could counteract this project by a bold display of power. ElAland is compelled, for self-defence, to prevent the aggrandizement of Russia by aiding France. One step on the part of any statesman may, on the death of M:dimoud, involve Turkey, and light the blaze of war in Italy and along the line of the Rhine."

It does not appear what authority the writer possesses for these assertions. The facts, however, which he states, and the conse- quences anticipated from them, are sufficiently plausible.

The British squadron in the Mediterranean, we learn from the Courier, is about to be reinforced. The Royal William, of 120 guns, is mentioned as one of the ships ordered to be sent out. There is also a great activity at present in the French naval dock- yards at Toulon.