7 DECEMBER 1833, Page 10



The present has been rather a busy week here. The closing of the books of the various Stocks previous to the Dividends, which took place in the early part of it, occasioned some extensive transactions; which, notwithstanding the scarcity of money then existing, did (as had been anticipated) not produce any depression in the prices of Stun -. The continuation or premium paid for hold- ing Stock till the 22d January was about 5-16ths per cent. ; which affords an interest of about 24 per cent. on the capital employed. On Thursday, the usual notice was given by the Bank Directors, of their intention to advance money on bills or other approved securities at 3 per cent. during the period for which the books of the principal Stocks continue shut. It had been previously supposed that the rate of interest on this occasion would have been 4 per cent. The result of this adherence to the old rate has caused the pressure for money almost entirely to cease; and the current rate of interest on loans for short periods is again 3 per cent. As a necessary consequence of this decrease in the value of money, Exchequer Bills have risen in value, and have been to-day at 45 prom. The following Stocks are now closed.

New 3 nor Cents. New Annuities N 3 3 per Cent. Consols India Sto Old Annuities ck 3 per Cent. 1751 South Sea Stock

The Foreign Market has not been in such a state of activity as the English ; and till to-day, the transactions have been comparatively unimportant. Some large purchases of Dutch Stock have, however, been effected this morning ; and this circumstance, together with the improvement in the markets abroad, has caused a rise in prices here.. The 21i per Cents. have been to-day as high as 504, and the 5 per Cents. at 94k. Russian and Danish Bonds are still neg- lected ; and the prices are the same as last week. The Portuguese Regency Bonds are heavy. Some large sales have thrown Stock upon the market ; which has not yet been absorbed ; and as the latest intelligence from the Peninsula is not very favourable, it is probable that prices may still continue depressed. Spanish Stock has been steady ; the price having fluctuated between 224 and 23g. The intelligence this week from Mexico has fully confirmed the favourable in- telligence last received ; and the Stock consequently maintains its price. Some trifling inquiry has been made for Columbian Bonds, and the price is now 22 to 23*.


Arrived—Off Dungeness, Dec. 5th, Courier. Palmer, from the Cape. At Liverpool, Dec. 5th, Urania, Dunn, from ditto. At St. Helena, Oct. 5th, Eliza, Marshall, from Singapore ; 13th, Diana, White, from the Cape ; and 15th, Clifford, Starwood, from Batavia. At the Cape, Lord Iltu;gerford, Farquharson ; Columbine, Bum's; and Westoe. — ; from London. Sailed—From Gravesend, Dec. 1st, Mary Ann. Mallors, for the Cape ; 4th, Lady Normamby, Teasdale, for Mauritius; and 6th, Numa, —, for New South Wales.


In consequence of the non-arrival of the foreign mails, which have been pre- vented by the storm of last night, there has been a complete suspension of business this morning. Prices generally are the same as last night : Columbian Bonds are higher, and have been done at 23*. The first account required by the recent act for the renewal of the Bank Charter, appeared in last nights' Gazette, giving a detailed statement of the amount of Deposits, of Bank-notes in circulation, Securities in Deposit, and Bullion in the coffers of the corporation. The affairs of this great national establishment appear, from the statement in question, to be in a very flourishing condition—the deposits having increased from nine to upwards of twelve millions. With one single exception, the cir- culation seems to have been kept in an equable condition ; the amount having varied only between 18 and lq millions in the fifteen months to which the ac- count refers. The most remarkable feature is, however, the state of the bullion account, which has increased from 5 millions to upwards of 10 millions. Whe- ther this increase is attributable to the augmented caution of the Directors, or the necessity imposed by the publicity thus given to their transactions, the pub- lic cannot fail to reap great benefit from the increased stability thus given to the monetary system of the country.


A sale of Consols has been effected this afternoon by the broker who is sup- posed to act for the Scotch banks, and the price for Account has been as low as 88g. Just previous to the close of business, the market has become firmer ; and the price is nos 8ST 4. Some inquiry has been made after Spanish Bonds, and a trifling improvement in price has been the consequence ; the Stock is now at 234E for the next Account, and 23I 4 for end of the month. Dutch Bonds have been rather on demand, at slightly higher prices ; but the transactions in them, as well as every description of Stock, have been unimportant. 3 per Cent. Consols — Belgian 5 per Cents... 951 Mexican 6 per Cents... 364 7 Ditto for Account.. 830 Braziliau 5 p. Cts..... 661 i Portuguese 5 p. Cts... 56174 New 31 p, Ct. Ann.. — Danish 3 per Cents... 724 3 D. Regency Sc. 5 p Ct. 564 1

Batik Stock 210 1 Dutch 21 per Cents. .. 49150L Prussian (1818)5 p. Ct. —

— ••rench 3 per Cents.... — Russ. (1822) 5 p. Ct... 10243

Exchequer Bills 44 45 'reek (1833) 5 p. Cts. 104 5 Spanish (1821) 5 p. Ct. 24