7 DECEMBER 1833, Page 14

In one of his latest agitation speeches, Mr. O'CosrsrEss charges

the editor of the Morning Chronicle with the crime of instigating Ministers to remove him by assassination. This morning, our contemporary, with amusing solemnity, asseverates his utter inno- cence of any such design. He says- " The seal of universal reprobation has long been set on the destruction of enemies, whether foreign or domestic, by means of assassination ; and as the bare proposition of such foreign means would excite universal horror—and no sane man would ever think of advising the having recourse to it—the recommendation ought never to be constructively imputed to any one."

He then quotes the passage alluded to by Mr. O'CONNELL-

" The very instinct of self-preservation will induce every Government to rid itself of an enemy by which its existence is continually threatened. It is quite clear that Repeal agitation and the authority of the law cannot long coexist in Ireland."

Really this has very suspicious appearance. It should also be remembered that it is not the first time that the editor of the Morning Chronicle has been charged with these black designs. Mr. Coseerr declared, a short time ago, that he stood in fear of his life from machinations in the same quarter. The positive de- nial, however, of the evil intentions imputed to him, so earnestly given this morning, will, we trust, reassure Mr. O'CONNELL, and allow him to sleep in peace.