7 DECEMBER 1833, Page 4

On Wednesday, tie following cause occupied the Court some time.

Mrs. Jennings, a widow lady brought an action against a Mr. Blacks burne, for a quarter's rent of a furnished house in Regent Street, let at 4401. per annum. The defence was, that all the rent had been paid. This was denied, until the receipts were actually produced ; and the plaintiff was nonsuited.

Yesterday, an action, brought by Gregory, the informer, to recover a penalty of 1001. against a tavern-keeper in New Gravel Lane, Shadwell, for allowing music and dancing in his house without a licence, was tried in this Court. Two witnesses swore, that one night in July last they saw a number of persons of bad character and both sexes danc- ing in a room at the back of the house. The defence was, that the room was a tap-room kept for drinking, and not for dancing ; and that the witnesses were unworthy of credit. The Jury deliberated for four hours, and then brought in a verdict for the defendant. As scoa as it was announced, there was a loud hurra in the Court, reechoed from a crowd in the Hall.