7 DECEMBER 1833, Page 9



Os the 27th ult., at Hanover, the Dutehess of Cestaninoc, of a daughter.

On the 3rd inst., at Pimlico Lodge, Mrs. Join( 1.wrrsom Er.mor, of a son.

On the 1st must., at her house in Upper Brook Street, Lady Louisa Fiseit, of a


tht 2,1 must., is' Belgrave Street, Eaton Square, the Lady of E. BERWICK !JAR- Esq., of a SOU.

Oil the 4th inst., in Hanover Square, the Lady of TtroaLts \Yvan., Esq., of Witten- ball Douse. East Barnet. of a daughter. On the 3d inst., at Combo Bank. near Sevenoaks, Kent, Lady TEMPLEMORE, of a SOU.


On the 28th ult., the Rev. B. LUCASCuurrr, son of George Cubits, Esq., of Catfield„ Norfolk, to EMMA, youngest daughter of Francis Holyoake, Esq., of Tetteulmall, Staf- fordshire.

WILLIAM MURRAY, Esq.. Licat..Col. Perth Militia, son of Sir P. Murray of Oehter- tyre, Bart., to HELEN, daughter of the late Sir A. Keith, Knight Marshal of Scotland. On the 2d inst., at Chieksands Priory, Bedfordshire, Captain C. iltnatELEr, to CHAP • Lorrs, daughter of Sir William Todd.

On time 30th ult., at Dieppe, MARGARET, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Brawne, Esq., to Joao Atarosto Chevalier DA CUNHA, sou of the Marquis Ilt I 'Maul- busse. Commander of time Order of Christ. and Gentleman of the Chamber to their Im- perial Highnesses the Princesses of the Brazils.


On the 3d inst., Lord Viscount E maroon-I, in his 47th year.

On the 22d ult., in London, Sir KENN crn DOUGLAS, Bart., one of the Jurats of Ilythe. On the 27th ult., at Kirkland, near Leven, Fifeshire, JAMES PETER, EMI., of Kirk- land Works.

In Walcot Place, Lambeth, Lord Ktraomatro. The late Peer married thrice; and has issue by his first wife an only son, John, time present Viscount ; by his two last wives he has no issue. The title is an Irish one. and not that of a Peer of Parliament.

The Rev. J. M. RICE. of the Royal Crescent, Brighton. On the 19th ult., in his 75th year, WILLIAMS FULLER, EST, eldest :mu ufJohn Rostock Fuller, late of the Close of Salisbury. On the 30th ult., at Ashurst Park, Kent, WILLIAM Fow LER. JONES, Esq, Mats 75th year.

On the 29th ult., at Cambridge, in his 21st year, of an intermitting fever. .,fter a wry severe illness of thirteen days, ARTHUR DEATH, the second son of George it

of Elsenham Hall, Essex.

On the 3d hat, JOSEPH KENDRICK, Esq., in his 80th year. IIe was oar of the founders of the New Musieal Fund.

On the 3d inst., at Lees, near Coldstream, in his 39th year, Cita r.Es M .ximaortimml Nes, Esq., third son of the late Sir John Marjoribanks, Bart., and M.P. for the County of Berwick.

In his 93d year. Mr. JONATHAN WILLETT. lie was Verger of the village church of Prestbury sixty-one years, and performed part of the duties the Sunday before his dis- solution.

MT. JOSHUA IIonsos, of Deighton, near Iluthiersfield. in Iris 104th year. Ile was never in cm stale of inebriety, and could not recollect being confined by sict,tme, above

two days in his life : be never took physic. He died on the birthday of 4r:unison, the publisher of the Vidre of tlw West Riding. At the Werl:house, Scarborough, Maimaarr SenErros, in her I03d yo,r, all her lbrullies to the last. Her death was rather sudden, having tlisloenr•il 11.1. lump a short time ago. Until very recently. she was able to walk ten miles a Oa. and visited various parts of Yorkshire and Durham, where she was well ham o‘ Im. re- membered being at Carlisle with her mother daring the Rebellion in 1745, 11011. as she stated, she was a " great strong wench."