7 DECEMBER 1889, Page 11

Songs of the Spindle and Legends of the Loom. Selected

and arranged by H. H. Warner. (N. J. Powell and Co.)—This volume comes in plain and homely guise among the gorgeously coloured and ornamented throng that competes for popular favour. Yet no gift-book of the year has a better claim. It is "the pro- duct of handwork alone." The paper was made by hand ; the cover is of unbleached flax spun by Langdale cottagers, and woven on a hand-loom ; the printing has been done at a hand-press. A kindly thoughtfulness has given the names of all, or as nearly all As it was possible to give, who have had a hand in the work. Editor, publisher, and illustrator we are accustomed to know by name ; but it is good, also, to be aware of our obligations to spinner of thread and weaver of linen, and binder. For the " songs " and "legends," various authors, from Solomon onwards,

have been laid under contribution. Homer supplies " Penelope's Web," and Shakespeare " When daffodils begin to peer," with other trifles ; then there are the names of Wordsworth, Long- fellow, and others. From Mr. A. P. Graves's " Songs of Killarney," we have "A Song of the Irish Spinning-Wheel," ending thus :—

"Down goes her heel,

Round rums the wheel, Purring wid pleasure to take The commands of her."