7 DECEMBER 1895, Page 12

The Art Journal, 1895. (J. S. Virtue and Co.)—This, the

oldest of the art-magazines, continues to deserve the reputation which it acquired many years ago. It would be ungracious to make a comparison when there is so much merit among the rivals. Let it suffice to say that the Art Journal need not fear an application of the motto seniores priores. Of the twelve principal plates seven are etchings (one an original by Mr. F. Slocombe) and five photogravures. There are also twelve tinted plates which are not far behind the others. These reproductions represent some of the chief foreign schools as well as the English. We may mention a fine picture by the Bohemian painter, Vacslab Brozik, etched by M. Leon Salles. Other specimens of this artist's work are given in the interesting article which relates the main facts of his career. The history of Art at home and abroad is sum- marised. We gladly give such currency as we can to an excel- lent suggestion that the Royal Academy should give more frequent exhibitions of the works of living artists. It is justly observed that its expenditure on collections of deceased masters is more than proportionate to the comparative claim of the two classes.